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The Premier Training Program & Community For People Who Want To Become Premium Ghostwriters!

Who's PGA For?

Our training program is designed for 2 types of students:1/ Underpaid Freelancer: The vast majority of freelance writers are over-worked, underpaid, and burned out.Why? Because they sell commodity services anchored to hourly rates. We give freelancers a way out by showing you how to sell Differentiated, Packaged Services and how to price those Packaged Services at a Premium.2/ 9-5er Looking For Freedom: But PGA is not just for existing writers!Anyone can acquire these skills and become a Premium Ghostwriter.So whether you are looking for a side hustle, or to quit your 9-5 job so you can work for yourself, from home, and make $10,000+/mo as a Premium Ghostwriter, we can help you get there.Don’t forget to fill out an application for the program!

Who Am I? My Name Is Nicolas Cole!

• Founder of Digital Press, the first ghostwriting agency for C-Level Executives & Silicon Valley Founders/Investors, called Digital Press (2016-2021).• Scaled to $2M ARR & 24 full-time employees, writing on behalf of 300+ industry leaders (including Grammy-Winning musicians, Olympic athletes, NYT best-selling authors, and more).• The author of The Art & Business of Ghostwriting & Co-Founder of PGA & PGM.

How Does PGA Work?

We deliver exceptional student results with a blend of Mentorship, Education, and Accountability.[Mentorship] When you join, you immediately get added to a private channel in our PGA Slack.This includes PGA Co-Founders, Nicolas Cole and Dickie Bush, as well as PGA Student Success Coach, Katie; PGA Automations Expert, Daniel; and PGA Sales Success Coach, Andrew.While we encourage you to participate and ask questions in the broader PGA Slack Community, you have direct access to our entire team for questions and/or feedback.

[Education] PGA’s core curriculum is 8 modules approximately ~60 minutes each (text & video).Our curriculum will show you exactly how to reposition yourself as a Premium Ghostwriter, create and launch an Educational Email Course for yourself, and then execute our “Free Consulting” cold outreach strategy to pitch, sell, and close Premium Ghostwriting clients.

[Accountability] Finally, if you’ve struggled with holding yourself accountable to your goals in the past, don’t worry!In addition to the PGA team being with you every step of the way, we’ve also created a handful of fun challenges in the program to incentivize students to keep moving forward. Make progress, earn prizes!

Weekly Live Clinics!

All PGA students also have access to 4 optional Live Clinics each week, hosted by various members of the PGA team:Tuesdays at 1pm ET: Tech & Automations with Daniel (who has helped scale both PGA, as well as our online writing program, Ship 30 for 30, to 10,000+ students from around the world).Wednesdays at 12pm ET: Niche Mastery with Katie (who has helped over 200 students in PGA clarify their niche & reposition themselves for success).Wednesdays at 1pm ET: Sales Mastery with Cole (who has sold Premium Ghostwriting services to 300+ industry leaders and generated over $5,000,000 as a ghostwriter).Thursdays at 1pm ET: Community Hot Seat with Cole (giving live feedback to PGA students on everything from landing page copy to Educational Email Course outline to cold outreach sales strategies and beyond).


We never stop adding upgrades to PGA—and in addition to receiving lifetime access to all of our training materials & program, you also receive lifetime access to any new additions we add to the program.Here are some of the bonuses we’ve added to the program so far (with more to come!):A free copy of The Art & Business of Ghostwriting: Everything you need to know about ghostwriting as a career, as well as working for yourself as a writer.Our Viral EEC Launch Playbook: How to launch your EEC on social media and build virality in the first 24 hours.This launch playbook of ours has generated millions of views & attracted tens of thousands of email subscribers for our own programs—and we show you exactly how to do the same for yourself and your clients.Educational Email Course Tech Upgrades: Want to supercharge your EECs? We show you how to create the same automations we use in our own EECs, such as fast-forward links, professional banner images, and more.Client Project Hub Template: A Notion template you can use to manage your ghostwriting clients’ projects from start to finish.

Packaging & Pricing

Are you interested in other types of ghostwriting besides creating 5-Day Educational Email Courses?PGA Students recently received our biggest Bonus to date… an entire 7-Module Masterclass on Packaging & Pricing ($2,000 value!), FOR FREE.Why? Because we deeply care about student success, and Packaging & Pricing strategies are the fastest way to 2x or 3x your earnings as a writer.In this Masterclass, we also give you the exact offer stack to sell other types of ghostwriting:• Twitter (X) / LinkedIn Ghostwriting Offer Stack
• Newsletter Ghostwriting Offer Stack

Share Wins!

We have created the premier training program & community for people who want to become Premium Ghostwriters...Even if you have zero experience and have never ghostwritten anything before!Our community is supportive, engaging, and always cheering each other on—and every single day, new student #wins are being shared in Slack.

We Would Love To Have You!

If you’re ready to become a Premium Ghostwriter and set yourself up for massive success as a writer, we would love to have you.Don’t forget to fill out an application—so we can make sure the program would be a good fit for you!